An outdoor art exhibition / collaboration by 35 artists with a 100 acre old historic farm in Garrison, New York.

Treadle Pottery Wheels.
The Leach foot powdered wheels that Doug Gates is making are patterned after wheels used at the Leach Pottery in St. Ives, England. His goal in making the wheels is to craft an heirloom quality potters wheel that functions as furniture as well as a tool of the highest standards that will last for generations.

Hard Maple Wood Eating Utensils
These hand carved utensils are as comfortable to eat with as regular silverware. They are strong, lightweight and durable. A great companion to our 3 Bowl Set as pictured in the October 2006 issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

Three Bowls:Vegetarian Recipes from an American Zen Monastery. A wonderful collection of vegetarian recipes from former Tenzo (head chef) of Dai Bosatzu Zendo.This lovely book also offers a look at life in the monastery and the inspiration behind the preparation of our meals. A great companion to our 3 Bowl Set.



Bluecorn Naturals Candles.
Their tea-lights are made from their lightly filtered beeswax. They offer you a longer, cleaner, non-toxic burn and that unmistakable honey scent.Tea-lights come in clear, heat resistant plastic cups and pop out easily for use in our votive holders. There motto: “Because you breathe what you burn”.