Receiving a bowl from the Water Mala is an invitation to look at water in a vibrant new way, personalizing water’s vitality in our lives. It is to be part of a larger body and instill an awareness that each drop is sacred to life. Mindful that your bowl’s daily water level depends on your attention, and left unattended it will go dry. With care, your bowl will stay full, bringing a fresh sense of the “view outside the window”, quietly connecting each Water Mala participant while raising awareness to the beauty of preserving our most vital resource.

video footage by Justin Allen
edited by Todd Spire
music by Kathy Hansz


Each bowl is individually hand formed from local stoneware, then fired with layers of an emerald blue/green glaze. Each bowl is one of a group of 108 dedicated as a Mala (Buddhist Rosary) in a water ceremony by Hermitage Heart priest Bonnie Myotai Treace at Gristmill Hermitage in Garrison, NY, or at other sacred sites, as part of their 108 Bowl: Water Mala project (

approx 3” diameter by 2” high
$60. each.
50% is donated to the the 108 Bowls: Water Mala Project and is tax deductible.

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(Consider making a larger donation to the project and support the work being done on behalf of water at: